February 26 22'

The first phase of our new payroll and billing module being released on Monday, February 26th. You will notice that there are two tabs on the sidebar menu called "payroll" & "billing" as these tools will now be handled separately.

You will notice that after creating a payroll batch, you can simply select the payroll batch under "billing" and create your EDI/CSV files based on that - This is similar if not exactly the same process as before.

However, you can now run billing based on specific patients and date ranges - it does not have to be based on a payroll batch.

As this is the first phase, the main difference is simply the separation of payroll and billing. More advanced rules and functions will be released to accommodate multiple different payers' unique billing requirements and payroll scenarios based on your policy and procedures.

Our Support team will be available if you have any questions once this is released.