Caregiver Guide to Telephonic EVV

Understanding Agency’s Step by Step guide to clocking in/out from a Patient’s phone

· The caregiver will need the EVV dial in phone number for the agency and his/her employee ID. If the caregiver is required to complete plan of care tasks, he/she will also need the Duty Codes associated with those tasks.

  • The employee ID is located in the Employee General Info tab.

  • You can print or email the plan of care to your caregiver

  • The agency’s EVV phone number can be located by selecting Admin, Settings, then click on the EVV tab.

  • The caregiver would need to call in from the phone number that’s recorded in the Patients General info tab.

  • Ensure that the caregiver is associated with the Patient. You can locate the caregiver association in the Patients General info tab in the Service section.

  • When the caregiver phones into the EVV phone number (from the patient’s phone) an automated message will introduce the agency’s name and prompt him/her to insert their employee ID followed by the # sign.

  • Then it will prompt the caregiver to select 1 for arrival time or 2 for departure time followed by # sign.

  • If tasks are required to be completed by the caregiver, when he/she clocks out, the system will prompt him/her to insert Duty Codes followed by the # sign. Those Duty Codes are located in the Patient profile in the Clinical Tab/Plan of Care Column. When all the Duty Codes are inserted, the caregiver can hang up.

Step by Step for Caregiver

· Call agency’s EVV number from Patients phone line.

· Insert employee ID after prompt.

· Insert 1 for Clock in or 2 for Clock out followed by the # sign.

· When the visit is complete press 2# to clock out, if you have any tasks the system will prompt you to insert Duty Codes. When you are done, hang up.

Telephonic EVV V2 Flow