Useful Reports

There are two reporting tools accessible to your agency;

  1. Pre Populated Reports

  • Employees

  • Patients

  • Electronic Visit Verification

  • Admin

  • DOH Statistical Reports

  • Payroll/ Billing

  1. Cube Data Analysis

  • Microsoft Cube analysis is an extremely powerful reporting tool that automatically exports your Visiting Aid data directly to an Excel File.

  • The Cube is customizable based on what kind of report you require.

  • This can be utilized for macro/ micro business intelligence insight to better manage your business.
    * Please note: Data access might be unavailable from 10PM to 11PM during daily data re-building.

  1. Audit Tips

Q. There is no data on the patients calendar, how far back can I retrieve records in Visiting Aid?

A. Visiting Aid keeps all records in your account there is a record of all activities in your account.

Q. How can I run a Report to show if a patient had an EVV or a Timesheet Visit within a specific date range?

A. Go to Reports, Employees, Visits. Here you can populate a list by Caregiver or Patient that will show all visits and how they were verified ( EVV or TimeSheet).

Q. How can I run a report that shows EVV clock in and out records.

A. Go to Reports, Electronic Visit Verification, Visits. There you can select a Patient and the time frame, all EVV records will populate.

Q. My patients calendar is empty, how can I retrieve uploaded timesheets?

A. Go to the Visits Dashboard, enter the Patient and the time frame, you will be able to pull the uploaded time sheet from past visits here.

Q. How can I run a report to see E-Timesheets.

A. Go to Reports, Employees, E-Timesheet Print and either save as a document or print.

We recommend you run the Visits Report to identify any timesheets you may have to produce during audits, the most efficient method is to use these tools in an one year time frame.