Q: How can I send an  Electronic Timesheet?

A: Yes, there are tree types of timesheets system can upload.

1. Visits that were not completed or needed to be manually adjusted using an existing EVV clock in and have an exception or need a time adjustment. Once the visit is addressed a link will be sent via text message for the caregiver and patient to sign.

2. If there is no visit populated the Caregiver can log into the Employee portal and fill out an  e Timesheet with the Patient. Once the caregiver and patient sign the time sheet it will appear in the portal waiting for approval, once the coordinator has approved the timesheet it will be ready for payroll and billing.  

3Beta available on demand - System automatically (proactively) send Timesheet link on week end day of for those caregiver who has a schedule and don't have any visits for ending week.