Q: How do I add a Plan of Care?

A: In the Patient profile, select Clinical; Add New. 

Plan of Care

How do I create RN Assessments in the Portal?

Navigate to Admin,Settings, Agency, Clinical, Assessment:

Now you can create custom assessment questions based on the needs of your clinical department and contractual guidelines

How does the nurse assess the assessment when making the visit?

Once you have assigned the nurse and authorized the visit, the nurse will log into the Visiting AId  portal as a caregiver from any device that has a signal or wifi and pull up their roster of Patients, when the nurse opens the portal they can start documenting the visit first by entering the date of the visit:

Now the nurse will click on the assessment tab and start the documentation:

After the nurse has completed the assessment they can save for later to finish documenting or save and submit for approval for the DPS or Nurse Manager

The supervising nurse will run the assessment report and locate the pending visits

The supervising nurse will navigate to the patient calendar and review the documentation then, either approve or request the nurse amend the documentation 

For a full training session on the Assessment feature please contact your account representative to schedule a session, we look forward to seeing you!