June 1

Caregiver EVV Usage

During implementation, it is important to know which of your caregivers were able to utilize an EVV method to clock into their visit. It is also important to know who was UNABLE to utilize EVV to clock into their visit.

There is a simple report under Employees; General Info; Status to determine whether or not a caregiver was able to access an EVV method.

EDI Builder - Billing

Visiting Aid can produce Institutional (837i) and Professional (837p) EDI files for billing.

Telephonic EVV Troubleshooting

Many agencies have explained that caregivers were not, or are no capable to calling in and calling out in order to clock in. Under the new Telephonic EVV Troubleshooting field, you will be able to determine exactly what the caregiver was doing on the phone before, during and after they clock in and out. This will help identify where they made any mistakes, and how to teach them going forward.

Linked Patient Attestation

After patients complete their attestation of completed services, their signature will appear directly on the visit record.