Q: How can I apply manual payments?

A: Follow following steps to apply manual payments.

  1. Go to Billing -> Payment and click on Manual Posting.

  2. Fill out the check level details, like Check #, Check Amount, Check Date and other available fields. Please make sure to select Payer name as well.

  3. To add the Payment Lines, click on Search Patient, you will see a popup screen, write the patient name or member, select the DOS for which you want to enter the payments and click on search.

4. Mark/tick the visits for which you want to apply payments and from the bottom select Apply Full Payment as Yes, if you want to apply full payment, if you press No, you would have option to add the payment individually for every marked visit.

5. Enter the Payer ICN (Payer Claim ID) as well, this would be used in case of rebilling, click on Select Visits button

6. After select visits, you would see the screen as

7. Click Save and then click post to apply the payments.

8. After posting you would be able to see the posted amount in the screen and details about the payment against each DOS/patient could be found in Reports -> Payment