January 14, 2021

EVV Update

Visiting Aid Community,

Many of you have had questions regarding EVV and new regulations.

Visiting Aid has communicated with OMIG and DOH, here is information that we have collected:

The EVV data submitted should be the exact time the service started and ended.

The Cures Act requires your EVV system to collect and verify the following;

1. The type of service provided.

2. The name of the individual receiving service.

3. The date of service delivery.

4. The location of service delivery.

5. The name of the individual providing the service.

6. The time the service begins and ends.

In an event that a service was not electronically verified, NYS requires that providers and fiscal intermediaries maintain all EVV data documentation and a brief justification for why a manual entry was used instead of using a compliant EVV method.

If a provider agency or FI has a high rate of manual or paper time sheets and has not shown an improvement of compliance over time, the Department reserves the right to conduct a compliance review which may lead to the review and discovery of overpayments. Providers are required to maintain all documentation associated with manual or paper timesheet entries for review in the event of audit.