Q: Can I have multiple user logins?

A: Yes, we encourage each user to have their own login in order to track changes and adjustments within the system.

  • You can add unlimited users by selecting Admin; Settings; Users; Select Role; Apply username and password; Add new.

  • Users can be identified as an Admin, Associate or Marketer.

Q: Can I manage or limit employee access?

A: Yes. An Admin user can adjust the level of access of Associates and/ or Marketers.

  • Make sure to select what portals your associate has access to.

  • Make sure to select Update to save these changes

Q: Why can’t I delete one of my data records?

A: If the data record you are trying to delete has a reference to any other record(s), you will not be able to delete it unless you remove all references (references should be listed in the alert).

Q: Why does the system have long loading times?

A: We recommend using high speed internet when working with your daily visits. As a Verification Organization we are constantly scrubbing visit data to ensure there are no conflicts and alerts.

  • You should be using minimum of 60 Mbps for download and 40 Mbps for upload.
    (In order to get your screenshot internet speed test go to Google and search for “Internet speed test” run “Speed Test”)