Q: Can I have multiple user logins?

A: Yes, we encourage each user to have their own login in order to track changes and adjustments within the system. 

Q: Can I manage or limit employee access?

A: Yes. An Admin user can adjust the level of access of Associates and/ or Marketers. 

Q: Why can’t I delete one of my data records?

A: If the data record you are trying to delete has a reference to any other record(s), you will not be able to delete it unless you remove all references (references should be listed in the alert).

Q: Why does the system have long loading times?

A: We recommend using high speed internet when working with your daily visits. As a Verification Organization we are constantly scrubbing visit data to ensure there are no conflicts and alerts. 

Q: Can my workers connect to Visiting Aid portal from outside of USA?

A: Yes, please contact us your account representative and we will create a VPN accounts for your outside workers.