April 23, 2021

Visiting Aid Community,

Welcome to this Month’s Visiting Aid newsletter for product updates and industry insight. Visiting Aid now has additional features to help with the configuration of permissions & enhanced reporting of EVV Statistics.

Employee Permissions Enhancement: In order to limit an Associates viewing capability please follow these steps;

- You can set these permissions by going to admin/settings/users/select edit.

By not checking Employee Edit the social security numbers, identity information (I-9), compliances and reports containing any of this information will not be accessible to that user.

By not checking Employee Pay rate the user will not have access to any employee financial information.

EVV Statistical Reporting: Please go to Reports and choose Electronic Visit Verification in the Statistical (DOH) section:

This report will provide insight into your agencies EVV progression. Ultimately you want to achieve 100% of your visits to be verified electronically.

Compliance Department Updates

As audits occur during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been reported to us that DOH is ensuring Covid-19 policies have been implemented. Please make sure you can provide resumption of care policies for walk-in and virtual audits.

Reminder, if a Department of Health surveyor is ever inappropriate, rude or makes you and your staff feel uncomfortable; you reserve the right to immediately contact the DOH Regional office and report such an incident.

Upcoming Development

The Agency Hub 2.0 is at the tail end of its development. This will be available for Visiting Aid users within the next couple of weeks.

- One to one texting messaging with caregivers

- Automatic visit reminders

- Group and Mass messaging

- Messaging based on geographic location

- Filling Open Shifts

Note; On the main menu, the Visiting Aid team is redefining “payroll” as “claims”. From there, you will be able to pull batches of visits to either submit to billing and/or payroll. This will be live within the next week or so. There will be additional billing and re-billing features that will be outlined with your account rep.