Authorizations & Scheduling

Floating Schedule - Live In - Split Shift

Q: How do I add an Authorization?

A: To add an authorization, go to the patient calendar and select New Authorization.

Understanding Authorization Specs 

Type: This is referring to the Visit Type which will reflect the billing code of this service.

Date Range: Insert the full date range of the Authorization. Start Service is optional and should be applied for authorizations that already started on a previous date. 

Authorized Services: This represents the caregiver/ service you are authorizing to provide to your patient. 

Note: The selected authorized service will effect what type of schedule you can apply. For example, Floating Schedule will only work for PA, DSP and RSP 

Schedule Type

The authorization is default to a regular schedule. You must apply the hours per day that the caregiver can service the patient. If this is not a regular schedule, you can select Floating Schedule, Live-In or Split Shift (details for each schedule type below).


Regular Schedule 

Floating Schedule 

This is designed for the Consumer Directed Services Program. The agency does not need to set a schedule, rather the Caregivers associated with this patient (on the patient general info page) will be able to clock in and out whenever they please. 

Key Notes

Live In

Split Shift

Live in

The end time for each day of a live in schedule should the previous hour and :59 minutes :


Q: Why I don't see Visit Type in my Authorization?

Please make sure you payor Start and End date is in current range.