Authorizations & Scheduling

Floating Schedule - Live In - Split Shift

Q: How do I add an Authorization?

A: To add an authorization, go to the patient calendar and select New Authorization.

Understanding Authorization Specs 

Type: This is referring to the Visit Type which will reflect the billing code of this service.

Date Range: Insert the full date range of the Authorization. Start Service is optional and should be applied for authorizations that already started on a previous date. 

Authorized Services: This represents the caregiver/ service you are authorizing to provide to your patient. 

Note: The selected authorized service will effect what type of schedule you can apply. For example, Floating Schedule will only work for PA, DSP and RSP 

How to Create a Live In Schedule in Visiting Aid 

Schedule Type

The authorization is default to a regular schedule. You must apply the hours per day that the caregiver can service the patient. If this is not a regular schedule, you can select Floating Schedule, Live-In or Split Shift (details for each schedule type below).


Regular Schedule 

Floating Schedule 

This is designed for the Consumer Directed Services Program. The agency does not need to set a schedule, rather the Caregivers associated with this patient (on the patient general info page) will be able to clock in and out whenever they please. 

Key Notes

Q: I entered incorrect authorization, after I change it all my visits turned red showing an error?

A: The visits entered with incorrect auth type will be changed by nightly maintenance, please confirm the next day.

Live In Schedules. training video making (2023-12-05 12_55 GMT-5) (FINAL).mp4

How to create a Live In Schedule in Visiting Aid 

Q: Why I don't see Visit Type in my Authorization?

Please make sure you payor Start and End date is in current range.

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How to Create a Mutual Shared Schedule in Visiting Aid

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How to create a Mutual Set Schedule in Visiting Aid

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How to create a Split Shift Schedule in Visiting Aid