Export to HHAX

Q. How can I bill from Visiting Aid to the HHAX clearing house?

A. First you must open your free HHAX account by Navigating to the HHA exchange website and following these steps:

Click: State Info Hub, Provider Info Center, find the payor you need to register with and fill out the Portal enrollment form.

Once that is completed, or if you need help navigating the enrolment process, please contact your account representative or support and we will guide you through to get your billing submitted.

Q: How can I export to HHAX?

A: Please make sure you correct  all necessary data before rebilling.  In order to create rebilling file:

Q: Which payers I can export from Visiting Aid to HHAX?

A: Aetna, Center Light,  Fidelis Care, Healthfirst of New York  and  Senior Whole Health

Q: How I can get claim information from HHAX?

A: you need to setup SFTP account  first:

For More information Click Here

Ones SFTP is setup those files will be created:

• Billing Exceptions Export
• Billed/Processed Visits Export
• Pre-Adjudication Rejections Export
• Response Files

The following exports are available upon request.

• Patient Demographics Export
• POC Export
• Patient Authorizations Export
• Patient Authorization Blackout Dates