March 18, 2021

Visiting Aid Community;

Welcome to this months’ Visiting Aid newsletter for product updates and industry insight.

This Visiting Aid team has rolled out additional features to help with the verification process and reduce waiting times for data cleaning. As a Verification Organization, we are constantly scrubbing data to look for irregularities, conflicts and exceptions. In order to expedite this process, there is a pre-claim review feature. This will have two inherent benefits;

1. Oversight/ governance of your coordinators and verified visit submissions (either on a daily or weekly basis)

2. Pre-Cleansed data will be pushed to payroll once your agency is ready. This will be a fast report ready for payroll and billing.

Please reach out to your account manager for a walk through of this new feature.

Live In Cases

When obtaining an authorization to provide one unit of Live In services per day please review the CDPAPA and MLTC regulations below describing what you are authorized to provide during each 24 hour period.

Please review from section 505.28

  1. Live-in 24-hour consumer directed personal assistance means the provision of care by one consumer directed personal assistant for a consumer who, because of the consumer´s medical condition, needs assistance during a calendar day with toileting, walking, transferring, turning and positioning, feeding, home health aide services, or skilled nursing tasks and whose need for assistance is sufficiently infrequent that a live-in 24-hour consumer directed personal assistant would be likely to obtain, on a regular basis, five hours daily of uninterrupted sleep during the aide´s eight hour period of sleep.

A Live In authorization requires the consumer to have one aide work each 24 hour day typically from 8 am to 8 am, the state also requires documentation that the caregiver received at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and 3 meal breaks.

We have added such documentation to our system, you can find these tasks under our clinical plan of care utilizing the Attestation tab.

Please Note on the Department of Labor Required Pay Rate Notice

LS62 excerpt about live ins;

Live-in employees must be paid at least 13 hours for each 24 hour period, provided they receive 8 hours of sleep, with five hours of uninterrupted sleep and 3 hours off for meals. If an employee does not receive 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, the employee must be paid for all 8 hours. If the employee does not receive meal periods free from duty, the employee must be paid for all 3 hours designated for meals.

See Copy of LS62 at the bottom of the page*


Communication: Each patient record has a communication tab to keep track of daily conversations, check ins and other important documentation from the field.

There are additional Actions and Observation categories to better organize records of conversations with caregivers.


LS 62 Notice to Wage Parity Home Care Aides