General Info

Q: How do I change the status of a patient?

A: Go to the Admission section located on the top righthand side of the Patient Profile. In the action field you will have several choices; Active, Hold, Discharge, Delete, Intake. Select the desired status; in the Source Field select the reason; insert the date. Ensure you select the blue save button.

Notes on Patient Status

  • Patients on Hold cannot receive services.

  • Deleted Patients will be stored for two weeks until fully erased.

  • All status changes are logged.

Q: How do I submit the Payor information for a Patient?

A: On the Patient profile, Select Payor; Add New Payor; Edit.

  • Do not submit an end date until the patient is no longer covered by that payor.

  • Patients can have multiple payors.

  • Member ID is required.