Month End

Accounting Workflow – Month-end Workflow

Homecare agencies follow strict accounting rules like all other companies.  Month-end reporting and closing out the books is critical for proper reconciliation, state reporting, and other KPI needs. 

Documentation below is draft workflow/ guide for the development team. 

Step 1) Agency Settings

Agencies will process month-end based on how they recognized revenue.  There are generally two methods that are acceptable.

-          Cash Basis – Date of Invoice

-          Accrual Basis – Date of Visit

* Additional configurations available.  Contact support for additional information.

Step 2) Running Month-End

Billing -> Month End

Billing -> Month End -> Charges/ Payments

Billing -> Month End -> Charges/ Payments -> Process Month-End Button

Select Month –> Show Details

Questions and Considerations:

1)      What if I do not see Month-End in my billing section? 

a.       Not all users have access to processing or reviewing the Month-end Section.  Contact your system administrator or Visiting Aid customer support. 

2)      How do I reverse the Month-End process?

a.       Contact Visiting Aid customer support and they will be able to reverse the Month-end Process.

3)      How do I historical reports for previous Month-Ends? 

a.       The report history is always available.  Visiting Aid keeps records for all month-end reports at the time of process.  This means that the month-end report for January will never change.