Managing Visits

Q: How can I manage visits on a daily basis?

A: Visits should be managed regularly in your visit manager tool. Here you will be notified of any visit alerts and can modify schedules or EVV records accordingly.

  • You should not have any missed visits alerts

  • Missed Ins should be addressed immediately to ensure a compliant clock in and out

  • Visits can be organized by coordinator

Missed Visit

  • This is when a scheduled visit is not serviced. Meaning there was no confirmation of caregiver attendance. An agency can verify that visit using external documentation (timesheet) OR they can re schedule the visit pending approval for the change.

Missed-In Visit

  • This means a scheduled visit is taking place, however no caregiver clocked into the case. A coordinator should reach out to the caregiver asap to either remind them to clock in, or confirm a change in schedule.

Open Shift

  • There is a shift that requires a caregiver to be scheduled.

Q: How do I read the EVV record?

  • A green location indicator with no alerts is a perfect EVV visit. This will go directly to payroll/ billing and submitted to the State.

  • A yellow location indicator means the caregiver was outside the vicinity of the patients home, and you will need to confirm that location.

  • Approved hours (scheduled visit) should match the duration hours.

  • The billing status of the visit is at the bottom of the EVV record